Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine for Sinus Problem

Sinus problem is one of the most common conditions in our clinic. So many of my patients have chronic sinus pain, pressure, and discomfort. Sinus is the hollow cavities in the skull that are lined with soft tissue. Healthy sinuses are filled with air. However, if they become inflamed due to triggers such as viruses or bacteria, the soft tissues start to produce excessive amounts of yellow or green mucus. It’s known as Sinusitis. Sinusitis in many individuals tends to become a chronic condition.

☑️ Identifying the root cause of TCM

📍 External factors

  • In TCM, the Lung system is our body’s first line of defense. As External pathogens attack our body, the Lung system is weakened. Imbalances in the Respiratory tract governed by the Lung system bring about the accumulation of phlegm expelled in the form of mucus.  

📍 Internal factors

  • Weakening the spleen system due to unhealthy eating habits and irregular eating times may manifest dampness in the body, which thickens to form phlegm. This phlegm would eventually be stored in the lungs and expelled in the form of mucus. 
  • Negative emotions, stress, and inadequate sleep may affect the Liver system. An aggravated Liver system would, in turn, weaken the spleen system.

❤️ Combining Acupuncture and Chinese herbs is a highly effective way to treat all the symptoms and the root cause of Sinusitis. Patients cannot breathe properly through their noses. After having needles inserted at specific Acupuncture points, they will open up and feel immediate relief.

Herbal medicines for the treatment of Sinusitis include Xanthium Powder, Magnolia flower, and Angelica root, considered “warm herbs.” If the Sinusitis combines with a fever, which is often the case, herbal formulas will use in conjunction with “cooling” herbs, including Honeysuckle flowers and Scutellaria root. 

❤️ Each individual’s body constitution varies. It is essential to understand the root cause of Sinusitis, thereby treating the root problem along with the symptoms. Early detection and treatment could reduce its occurrence and prevent it from becoming a long-term illness.

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