Acupuncture Detox – NADA Protocol

👉🏻 For over a quarter century, acupuncture has helped people lose their cravings for alcohol, nicotine, and other addictive substances. I like to explain how it works and shares some tips for ensuring success with this form of acupuncture. 

📌 The History of the Nada Protocol

         In the mid-1970s, Michael Smith, a medical doctor at Lincoln Hospital in the South Bronx area of New York, modified an existing system of auricular acupuncture into a simple technique for treating many common drug addictions as an alternative to methadone. This selection of ear points proved to be highly effective in treating addictions and became what is now called the “NADA protocol.”

📌 What is Nada Protocol? 

NADA – which is Spanish for “nothing” – is also the acronym for the National Acupuncture Detoxification Association.

The NADA protocol consists of inserting small, stainless-steel, disposable acupuncture needles into five points on the outer surface of a person’s ear. The points used in the NADA protocol are

❤️ Sympathetic, Shen Men, Kidney, Liver, and Lung.

📌 What can NADA acupuncture help treat? 

The NADA protocol can decrease cravings for alcohol, drugs, or cigarettes. It makes withdrawal symptoms less intense as well. This acupuncture technique can help manage gambling problems and food addiction. NADA acupuncture has proven to be effective in assisting patients in recovering from trauma or natural disasters. 

❤️ There’s a group called Acupuncturist Without Borders which goes to places after natural disasters occur. These acupuncturists administer the NADA protocol to those affected to help decrease the stress of these situations. I have had excellent results in my clinical practice using this acupuncture technique to treat patients with addiction and emotion or post-trauma disorders. “The NADA protocol can increase calmness, promote better sleep and decrease agitation and stress. Overall, it leaves people feeling better, allowing more positive things to happen.

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