Finding The Root Cause Of Your Headache: Migraine Headache

Who suffers from Migraine?

It’s most commonly affects women more than men. Estrogen is a factor in the development of Migraines, significantly when it fluctuates in the menstrual period. When estrogen becomes low during a women’s menstrual cycle, headaches may occur. Besides estrogen, other factors include lifestyle, some habits, ingestion of some food.  Migraines can also be hereditary, as many people with migraines report having family members who also suffer from these headaches.

What Symptoms?

It’s usually throbbing, intense, and debilitating and features nausea, sensitivity to light, sound, and exacerbation with head movement. The episodes typically last anywhere from a few hours to several days, and it is recurring with warning signs before. The frequency of migraine attacks occurs differently from person to person, from once in a lifetime to almost daily. Migraines mainly affect one side of the head, but some people experience pain on both sides.

How can acupuncture help? 

Chinese Medicine distinguishes between two primary causes of migraines: External and Internal. An external origin occurs when Wind-Heat, Wind-Cold or Wind-Damp invade the acupuncture channels located in the head. These are common syndromes, describing how environmental pathogens penetrate the body impede the movement of blood and Qi to the head. Internal causes include genetics, improper diet, emotional problems or chronic conditions caused by internal organ dysfunction. 

Depending on the syndrome whereby the migraine has developed, and its cause (internal or external) identified utilizing a detailed diagnosis, suitable Chinese herbs and acupuncture points are selected to treat the migraine at its root.

Foods are often mentioned as significant migraine triggers, such as chocolate, cheese or MSG. It’s essential to learn your triggers and do your best to avoid them. 

Emotions such as stress, worry, depression, etc., can also trigger headaches and migraines. Therefore, it’s crucial to maintain a good emotional balance.

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