How to Help Your Body Get to The Optimal Healing

❤️ Working as an acupuncturist, I’ve seen various conditions, especially chronic illnesses such as autoimmune diseases, heart & lung disease, insomnia, GI problems, arthritis, and most chronic pain. I’ve always told the patients that we try to trigger your body’s natural healing abilities. No matter of treatment techniques you get: acupuncture, herbal medicine, cupping, etc., the result of the treatment also needs your body’s repairing mechanism to function correctly. When you cut your finger in the kitchen, it heals itself right? Every other part of the body has this same capacity. Sometimes we need to give it a little assistance. Different conditions might need specific care; however, the basics of these four pillars can keep the healing optimally for most chronic injuries or illnesses. 


Once you get sick, some foods will help you get better. For example, skin and bones need vitamin A to repair themselves. Vitamin C is crucial to collagen formation, which is the protein of our connective tissue. Adequate protein is essential for optimal healing.


You may need more rest during an illness than that because some of your body’s healing processes require sleep to work. The hormone melatonin is produced during sleep. This hormone is believed to boost your immune system and help repair corrupted DNA. It may even play a role in preventing some forms of cancer. 


Exercise delivers oxygen and nutrients to your tissues and helps your cardiovascular system work more efficiently. Exercise also improves the healing of muscles, bones, tendons, and ligaments. 


Proper hydration can help reduce pain and protect your joints and muscles by keeping the cartilage soft and flexible. Dehydration can cause overall body aches and pains.

👉🏻 A healthy life requires balance and is lived on purpose. Healing, transforming, and actual health is not by happenstance; it requires deliberate action and a willing state of mind. It also takes time and does not happen overnight, and some patients need more time than others. Our bodies are designed to heal once the insults cease, and beneficial habits and therapeutics begin. 

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