Weight Loss: Traditional Chinese Medicine Perspective

❤️ In my clinic experiences, mostly my patients always ask me to help them reduce weight. They always tell me that “I have tried several different diets and/or workout programs and have not achieved my expected results. Many of them are puzzled about the extra weight because theyreally don’t feel that overeat? 

Here are three main contributors to weight gain and how TCM addresses them.

📍 Hormones: As we age, testosterone and estrogen hormone levels adjust and can create changes in the body, such as weight gain. For example, women with higher estrogen develop increased fat storage, and women prescribed estrogen may be prone to weight gain. Treatment would include an herbal formula designed to adjust the hormones and a diet recommendation that would consist of foods that nourish yin, such as yams.

📍 Dampness: In TCM, Dampness refers to water retention combined with fat stores due to overstimulation of insulin from poor diet and overeating. If this happens, it weakens the spleen system (which is in charge of the transformation and transportation of food). Long-term depletion causes blockage of organs and channels, leading to serious health risks like diabetes and heart disease. In this case, herbs and acupuncture would drain the damp, and a new diet would be implemented to prevent future problems.

📍 Eating habits and lifestyle: Overeating, eating quickly, indulging in processed foods, and foods too cold, such as iced drinks and raw vegetables, impair the smooth function of the digestive system. Stress and irregular eating habits can also cause weight gain and eating sugar to boost sagging energy or calm emotions. Treatment, in this case, would include an adjustment in lifestyle and acupuncture for stress relief and appetite control.

👉🏻 It is a common misconception that acupuncture is used to “poke” fats away. Acupuncture or TCM work holistically and does not work as a spot reduction treatment. It has a cumulative effect on your whole body, reducing cravings and appetite and curving your hunger hormones. The therapy aims to restore the body’s natural balance and improve metabolism to shed excess weight by addressing the different underlying patterns.

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